As we embark upon this new Masonic year, we should take a moment to reflect on both our recent and longer-term past. For those that have come before us we should take a moment and offer our thanks for their devotion to building a plethora of traditions, memories, and ritualistic excellence.

     This year our theme is accountability, accountability to ourselves, our lodge, our Masonic teachings, and to those that came before us. With account-ability comes the responsibility to ourselves, and those around us. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, a great European poet, once gave an autograph to a young visitor in 1827 that said, ‘Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean.’  I believe Von Goethe was right, the most important issue of all is personal responsibility. This isn’t about holding others accountable or responsible, we all know how easy it is to make demands on others. The real truth of life is that improvement and progress come only when each person makes more demands of themselves. We have the obligation to keep alive the values of accountability and responsibility in our traditions, upholding our Mason teachings and our ritualistic endeavors. Let’s all work together to hold each other accountable for continued fraternity, friendship, and Masonic growth.

     I look forward to serving you as Worshipful Master this coming year and being a part of the greatest lodge in the First Masonic District and all of Ohio.


Roger B. White

Worshipful Master 2022-2023